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Nashville Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer

Social Security Disability is designed to help disabled workers get the benefits they need. However, it often takes the assistance of an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the system.

At the law firm of Lawrence A. Simons, Attorney at Law, in Nashville, we represent people who have been turned down for Social Security or Supplemental Security Income in Tennessee. In addition to handling appeals of denied claims. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and answer your questions.

Applying for SSD or SSI benefits usually takes a long time, even with a lawyer's help. As your attorney, Lawrence A. Simons will use that time to develop a strong case with the evidence you need to be successful.

Have You Been Turned Down For Social Security Disability?

If you have already been turned down for Social Security Disability, you are not alone. Roughly two-thirds of the people who apply for disability benefits have their initial claims turned down. The next step is to apply for reconsideration of your claim — and most claims are denied a second time at the reconsideration phase. Do not become discouraged. Most people are not successful until the third phase, which is a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. It is important to contact an attorney to represent you well in advance of this hearing.

The vast majority of the people we represent are successful in obtaining disability benefits. We charge no fees unless we are successful. Our fees will be a percentage of the past due benefits you receive after your disability claim is approved. If we are not successful, we will not charge an attorney fee.

Contact Davidson County Attorney Lawrence A. Simons

We know how hard it can be to obtain SSD or SSI benefits on your own. At the law office of Lawrence A. Simons, Attorney at Law, we will be by your side every step of the way, fighting for you. Call 615-983-6936 to schedule a consultation with Nashville Social Security Disability benefits attorney Lawrence A. Simons.

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